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About DCZ – Website & Domain Creationz

Domaining for 24 Years with Premium Sites

Being in the domain business since 1996, we have grown our domain portfolio to include high value domains, and with our partners, we now have tens of thousands of websites. Since we have been in the domaining business for so long, we know what it is like to have a portfolio of  undeveloped or parked domains.

Website Design, Development, & Internet Marketing since 2000

  • Since 2000, we began offering our services in web design and development. We design everything from small business websites to corporate sites with e-commerce at an affordable price without sacrificing quality. Whether you intend on selling the domain, have interest in monetizing it, or just need a new web design, we can help.

A Team of Experts

We are a full service web design and development company. DCZ is an American Company comprised of an international team of English Speaking Web Developers, Web Designers, Graphic Artists / Designers, Writers / Content Producers, Editors, and SEO Experts from USA, Guam, Australia, Philippines, Malaysia and India.

Personal Service to Help You Succeed

  • DCZ is well known for integrity, honesty, and service to you. We don’t just create a great website for you, we personally serve every customer as if the site were our own. We want you to succeed, and so we link our accomplishments to your success.
  • We are not just here to make a few bucks designing your website. It is our commitment to help your business increase its domain value, monetize your website, and/or create an online presence using smart and sleek designs that reach your target audience.
  • Our websites are guaranteed to be live on the internet within 20-30 days. Many of our clients get their sites before the 20th day, but to ensure a quality website, please give us the time to create the best that we can for you.
  • Let us help you create a professional and beautiful online presence with our custom websites and web products.

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