Dr. Craig Ross, DC Neuro Cranial Integration - neurocranialintegration.chiropractor.com

Dr. Craig Ross is the developer and instructor for the chiropractic cranial technique called Neuro Cranial Integration. DCZ developed a beautiful design that is engaging, informative, and appealing to both doctors and patients. The Neuro Cranio Integration website maximizes his online presence with customized SEO. The more doctors he can teach, the more people can be helped by his amazing technique.

Dr. Dwight Rosales, DDM Smiles Dental Clinic - www.DentalClinic.com.ph

Dr. Dwight Rosales believes that “All Good Things Begin With A Smile,” and remains true to his motto at his practice in Lipa, Philippines. He is friendly, proficient, and a very skilled dentist from California, who needed a website to reach more patients who are in need of his expert dentistry at a fraction of the cost in the US, Canada, and other nations. His website is informative about his techniques and includes a blog about dental health.

Mercers Precision Painting www.mercersprecisionpainting.com

Mercers Precision Painting is a family-owned professional painting company in Australia. No jobs are too big or small since Mercers do residential, commercial, and industrial jobs. The Mercers website was created to display the colorful and clean work that makes Mercers well-known and allows them to have an online presence for their business. The website is professional, clean, and gets customers in touch with the business.

Kaili Larkin Model, Actress - www.kaililarkin.com

Kaili Larkin is an international Model who began her career at the age of 9 for Macy’s. She comes from a family of models and is a nature-lover, writer, actor, and singer. Kaili’s website was designed as a modeling portfolio to showcase how much photographers love to capture her in photos.